My “World”

I came to Minnesota today for a quick visit with family. It’s the first time I’ve been here since Christmas and the first time I’ve really been here in quite a long time. I mean it’s the first time I am mentally and emotionally present more than just physically. And the thought kept recurring to me tonight how awesome our God is that he creates us with the ability to adapt.

You see, the environment, the culture, the “world” that I function in while with my family is so very different from the one I live in on a daily basis. And even the “world” I live in on a daily basis differs based on where I’m at and who I’m with. I love that my God has created me with the ability to function and thrive in all of those “worlds.” He created me with a personality and interests that are so complex that each of my “worlds” highlights a different piece of it.

Do you see that ability in yourself? Did God create you as a multi-faceted person or are you pretty one size fits all? (I’m guessing you’re more multi-faceted than you think)

With courage, Katie

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