In the Mundane

Something my pastor said on Sunday has been resonating in my head all week…we don’t miss God because He’s far away, rather we miss Him because He’s so close…we fail to see Him in the minute details of life. I will be the first to admit that I’m guilty of that. And oftentimes I’m guilty of it because I think it sounds cheesy or cliche to think that God is in those minute details. But, the times when He opens my eyes to that truth my heart is overcome with worship and I fail to find the words to express His greatness.

So, here’s to seeing God in the details
in every human interaction
in the sunset
in the rain
in the song that comes up on shuffle
in the encouraging text from a friend
in the mundane
in the routine
yes, He’s much bigger than all of those things
but He’s in them nonetheless
and when I pause long enough
I see indescribable beauty in “everyday” life

Where have you seen God in the minute details of your life recently?

With courage, Katie


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