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Easter Media You Can Use All Year

I love any opportunity to boast about my friends :) Honestly, their talents are quite humbling. My friends at Playback Media are just some of them. They’ve just released their new Sacred Pack just in time for Easter. A collection of reverent visuals perfect for this season but which also can be used year round. Fun to see this product available for purchase after critiquing it many a Saturday sitting at the local Starbucks with Luke.

You can check out all of the details here on their site. The best part: for a limited time you can get 10% off this bundle if you use the code “cautiouscreative” when you purchase this new collection of visuals!!

5 is Coming!!

Seldom do I get emails that are exciting enough to postpone a scheduled post. But, I got one of those today & can’t wait to share some news with you!!

A “blog friendly little bird” let me know that the folks at Renewed Vision will officially announce the release of ProPresenter 5 on October 1st.

I’m a big fan of ProPresenter & the quality the team at Renewed Vision has consistently released. I’m excited to see what new features they have in store for the next major version of ProPresenter.

Follow @propresenter on twitter to catch feature information on the “Road to ProPresenter 5” beginning Monday. You can also find them on Facebook here.

Do you use ProPresenter? If so, what features are you hoping to see in version 5?

A Guidebook for Visual Worship

When I started building PowerPoints for worship services back in 2003 I don’t think I’d ever even heard of the term “Visual Worship.” My how things have changed since then. Not just in relation to the tools – software upgrades, faster hardware, and better designed media – but in my heart as well.

I remember going to the Echo Conference in 2009 and hearing Camron Ware, Stephen Proctor, & Nate Griffin talk about Visual Worship. I walked away that day thinking “wow, I’m not crazy.” I had discovered there were other people out there who were asking some of the same questions, having the same conversations, and who valued some of the same things that I did when it came to the use of visual media in worship settings.

Fast forward to 2011 and I’ve been pretty blessed to be a part of my friend Stephen Proctor’s latest project – A Guidebook for Visual Worship. Walking through the editing process for this book has been challenging at times but honestly a ton of fun. Sadly I too often take for granted the fact that I get to work with some of my greatest friends. And on projects that we’re passionate about. It’s been quite an honor to see hours and hours of conversation over several cups of coffee and baskets of chips & salsa come to life in this book.

I think Proctor has put together a valuable guidebook based on what God has taught him along his journey in the visual worship realm over the last several years. In his words, it’s “ a training resource designed to cast vision & to equip.” You can read more of his heart behind the project here. And you can even download a sample version here if you are interested in taking a closer look. I just love seeing my friends living out their dreams and God given callings. So much joy in that.

Be a Part of God’s Story in China

If I could pick only one thing I love about my friends, it would be their hearts. I seriously wake up every day thinking “soon, I’m going to wake up, this has to be a dream” because I get to do life with some of the most amazing people on the planet. And they’re amazing because they have incredible hearts for Jesus, for people, and for the Church.

Yesterday, my friend Stephen Proctor (@worshipVJ) sent out a couple of tweets about an opportunity for you to be a part of God’s story in China. Why? Because he loves the Church, China, and his friends :) And he wants to give the rest of the visual worship community and others a chance to be a part of the story too.

But, if you’re like me it’s easy to miss tweets in the ever flowing (sometimes overflowing) twitter stream. So, in case you missed it yesterday, I wanted to share it with you. Proctor wants to bless Jonathan (a.k.a. Biscuet) Smyth and Haidian Church with ProPresenter for Windows. The church has been using PowerPoint for a while now and are excited about the possibilities with ProPresenter for Windows that released just a couple of months ago.

For more of Biscuet’s story, check out this video. Or read what he has to say on his blog.

If you want to be a part of the story and make a donation towards a copy of ProPresenter for Haidian Church, send Proctor an email at for details. Did I mention that if you donate $20 or more he’ll give you some FREE media he shot when he visited China?

The Secret’s Out

Have you been following the buzz around #secretsoutOCT5? Perhaps you read something about it on the Orange Thread Media blog, saw a tweet about it, or read this post from Stephen Proctor about it. The team behind the Playback Drive isn’t just continuing to dream big, they’re doing something with their dreams. I’ve got nothing but love and respect for these guys and am so excited to share their newest project with you! If you missed it, Luke McElroy from Orange Thread and Stephen Proctor broke the news today via livestream… is live. is the first website dedicated to resourcing the multi-screen community. Their heart truly is for community and relationships in everything they do and this is another step. If you use multi-screen set ups for events, worship, or anything in between, I think will quickly become your number one source for content. I got a sneak peek at the site a couple of weeks ago and the content is top notch! Not only will you find great stuff from Orange Thread and WorshipVJ but also from two of my other favorite producers, Awake Images and Thr-ve, among others.

I know you’re curious…so, what are you waiting for? Take a minute and check out the site: Sign up for a free account AND get 12 free credits to use on the site! Want a few more details? Check out this post on

And I’m curious…how many of you use multi-screen set ups on a regular basis?

VWRT Chi-Town

I’m counting down the days until STORY in Chicago next week. It’s going to be an inspiring two days. I’m also getting excited about a post-STORY Visual Worship Roundtable (VWRT) in Chicago.

VWRT is a space for intentional conversation and a time to build relationships among the visual worship tribe. If you believe that visual media can be an integral part of corporate worship gatherings then you are part of that tribe. And we would love for you to join us in this dialogue.

A few details:
: Friday evening September 24th and Saturday September 25th from 9am until around 3pm (Friday night we would love to grab dinner someplace and hang with everyone. Saturday we’ll dive head first into the visual worship conversation)

Where: TBA (follow @vwrt on twitter for the latest)

Cost: Free (No cost for this VWRT, but we would love to know if you are planning to join us. You can register here.)

If you are attending STORY and sticking around Friday night or if you live in the Chicago area, we hope to see you there!