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Take Note…Guns & Words

It’s time to spread a little love in another edition of Take Note…
Shortly after moving to Nashville I sat down and had coffee with Rebecca Smith who works with ProjectAK-47. I first met her while working with them on a sponsorship for STORY. I had never heard of ProjectAK-47 but when I heard their story I was absolutely blown away. The work they are doing with child soldiers is absolutely incredible. Check out their website and see how you can help take an AK-47 out of the hands of a child.

Next up is Mike Perez. If you haven’t seen this video featuring his spoken word piece “Just Worship,” take 4 minutes and watch it now. Mike recently embarked on an 11 month journey with The World Race. You can follow his adventures and hear more of his inspiring spoken word pieces here.

What people or organizations do you know of that others need to know about?

Take Note…

It is easy for people and groups of people who are making a difference to get lost in all of the noise today. Take Note is my new attempt to maybe help you cut through a small piece of that noise and share with you some of the amazing people and organizations I know of that are doing incredible things. If nothing else, it’s always good to give a couple of shout-outs and spread a little love, right?

  • Good World Creative: If you are a creative with a heart to make a difference with that gift, check out this site (or follow them on twitter: @GWCreative) and get involved. This is a new collaborative project that I just heard about but one that I think is going to do incredible things!
  • Our Shirts Don’t Suck: The name is catchy, yes. But, their customer service is what will keep you around. These awesome peeps did all of our apparel for us at The CORE. Not only do they have a huge heart for serving ministries but they are awesome at what they do. If you are going to Echo Conference this week be sure to find them & say “hi!”
  • Mocha Club: This organization is “redefining the coffee break” as they say. The concept is simple: with just $7/mo (roughly the price of 2 mochas) you can make a difference in a variety of projects that Mocha Club runs in Africa. I recently started a team which is supporting orphans & vulnerable children. Click here if you want to join me.

Do you know of an organization or individual that we should be taking note of? I’d love to hear about it!