On the Other Side of Surrender – One Word 2011 Recap

Little did I know when I chose “surrender” as my one word for 2011 what the year would look like. One thing I did know for certain was that surrender wouldn’t come without pain. And I was right about that. But it was the most “good pain” I think I’ve ever experienced. Pain that comes from pruning. From the Gardener cutting away more of me to make room for more of Him. On the other side of that pain…on the other side of surrender…is life – a fuller life.

It’s been a beautiful discovery to see how the Father, in His grace, tenderly loves me to surrender. Surrender that can only come from a position of humility which is perhaps the best perspective from which to view this wonderful gift of life. The beautiful paradox is that on the other side of surrender is freedom.

Standing at the end of 2011 looking back, I know now that perhaps the greatest gift which lies on the other side of surrender is peace. Before I even realized it, I was walking by faith in spite of fear…taking each step as I choose daily to trust. And as a result, even in the midst of the storm & the pain & the suffering & the questions & the doubt there is peace. Peace because I am surrendered to His plan. The plan of the one who created the universe & holds it together.

Surrendering means letting go. Opening your heart to healing. Doing the work of forgiveness. Living honestly. Risking love. And accepting, with open hands & a grateful heart, whatever the Giver has in store. It isn’t easy. But I happen to think it’s worth the life, freedom, & peace that is waiting on the other side.

 Did you have a word for 2011? What lessons did you learn from it?





With courage, Katie

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