Saturdays are for Laughter

Do you ever have those days where it seems nothing goes as planned? But in the end you couldn’t have planned a better day anyway? And all you can do is laugh.

Laugh at the fact that you thought you had a day under control.
Laugh because His plans are always better.
Laugh because you can picture Him up there just laughing at the plan you had.
Laugh at the adventure that is life.
Laugh because you get to enjoy it with some incredibly wonderful friends.
Simply laugh. 

This past Saturday was one of those days. Workaholic is my default mode. I have to be super intentional about not falling into that because it burns me out pretty quickly. But it can be quite a fight sometimes. Saturday was one of those days I woke up in work mode. I really wanted to just grab my computer & hide in a coffee shop for the day. But, I had plans with a friend for a day full of fall fun, so work was going to have to wait.

We had an entire day planned. Researched, mapped out, timed out…the perfect plan for a fall fun day. But of course very little went as planned…which is exactly what made it perfect in the end anyway.

Running late. Flat tire. Surprise photo shoot. I was completely thrown off. Thankfully, I was with a dear friend who lovingly reminds me that sometimes we just have to step back & laugh at all of it. 

By the end of the day we had…enjoyed a delicious picnic on a vineyard hillside soaking up the autumn afternoon sun & beautiful fall landscape…learned how to change a flat tire…cleaned up a major sugar spill…caught a beautiful sunset over the Tennessee hills…planned, shopped for, & cooked a delicious unplanned dinner with friends complete with homemade Whiskey Caramel Sauce…watched the Rangers lose terribly in game 3 of the World series…sung & danced our way through the decades thanks to Spotify…witnessed a memorable rendition of a Backstreet Boys performance…done more singing – for hours…& laughed till our faces hurt. It was the perfect nothing goes as planned day.

Did you find laughter in your Saturday? 

With courage, Katie

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