The Question Everybody is Asking

What are you going to do next? I cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve been asked that question…and I’m sure there will be many more to come). And the number of different looks and reactions I get when I say, “I’m not really sure,” is almost as equally high.

And the truth is, I really don’t know exactly what I’m going to do next. But, there are a few things I do know…

I know that unless God opens a blinding door somewhere else I’ll be moving to Nashville at the end of the summer.

I know that I need a bit of a break from full time church staff work…but don’t want to turn my back on the “church world.”

I know that God is calling me to get out of my comfort zone and get a fresh perspective on life before I try to lead others out of theirs.

I know that I feel God is preparing me for something…and that preparation is going to be painful at times.

I know that I feel called to eventually serve the church on a larger scope rather than one local church.

I know that visual worship and creativity remain passions of mine.

I know that people and relationships are my heart.

In short I know WHY I’m making the decisions I’m making. In some cases I know how I’m going to put the WHY into action. But at this point for the most part I don’t know the what that will be the result, the “product.” And right now, I’m okay with that, because I trust that He does.

So, if you’re wondering, that’s what I’m doing next.

With courage, Katie


  1. You continue to write blogs that the same ones I want to be writing lately. I can't wait for the freedom to do that. Maybe it will happen soon.

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