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Jump Start Your Dream

Do you have a daunting dream you want to pursue but no idea where to begin? Or maybe fear has you stuck.

Sometimes one of the most important things in fighting that resistance is people who will stand behind us. I know I’ve learned the value of having a community of supportive relationships that pushes me & supports me in the pursuit of crazy ideas. Ben Arment is one of those people & one of the most motivational people I know. He’s also been through the process enough times himself to have learned a thing or two :)

Ben launched Dream Year in 2010 which is a year-long coaching process to launch your dream. But you have the opportunity to get a condensed version of the process in just one weekend.

Dream Year weekends are designed not only to give you great content & insight into the process of launching your dream, but also a place to connect with people who will support & push you in the pursuit of your God-given dream. I attended the Dream Year weekend in Nashville & loved it! The next one is coming up in Washington D.C. June 3rd-5th & you still have time to get in on the fun. Check here for more information or to register!

Throwback Sundays…When Dreams Die

I spent the weekend at Ben Arment’s Dream Year event here in Nashville. There are few things I love more in life than talking with people who are passionate about their God-given audacious dreams. But, with all of the dream talk I’m reminded of a keynote talk I heard Phil Vischer give at the Echo Conference a couple years ago. He asked a question that haunts me every time I think about my dreams:

“When God gives you a dream, and then he shows up in it and it comes to life, and the suddenly it dies, maybe God wants to know what’s more important – Him or the dream.”

I guess it just reminds me to keep a healthy perspective as I chase those crazy God-given dreams and strive for balance as unattainable as it may be.

See what else Phil had to say here.