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Profoundly Ordinary Moments

I’ve written about them before. That special group of people that gathers on Sunday evenings whom I haven’t quite found the words to describe just yet.

But perhaps that’s the point. Perhaps “community” is a sufficient description because to dissect it any further would only remove the mysterious yet tangible beautiful spirit of those people.

The thing I love most about that community is the moments. The profoundly ordinary ones.

This past Sunday it was dancing in the rain. Yes, a dozen or so 20 & 30 somethings dancing outside in the pouring rain, thunder crashing, lightening flashing. For a moment I think every one of us was fully alive. Experiencing the joy of being present. Laughing as we jumped wholeheartedly into the moment like carefree children.

I truly believe it’s the profoundly ordinary moments…the ones too simple for words… ultimately shape us. The ones whose beauty can’t accurately be summed up, only felt. The life in between the milestones that sustains & nourishes us.

Can I encourage you to look for those moments in your life this week? They’re waiting with an open hand inviting you to come in & sit down for a moment to savor them. 

The Magical Ordinary


When we are present, we see that there really is a Divine Plan and that it is happening right now. Consciously participating in the miraculous unfolding of reality is the Holy Work, and it is the greatest source of satisfaction that we can have. (from “Understanding the Enneagram”)

Whether it’s seeing the stories written in a friend’s hands of a land far away, catching the light on Spring blossoms, the setting sun hitting the grass just right, the vibrant colors of spring, soaking up the warm sunshine, running through the falling rain, the urban textures of metal & brick, broken glass, a worn out sign, or weathered wood; the ordinary becomes truly magical when you stop long enough to soak it in.

Three months into focusing on seeing, I’ve come to realize that seeing cannot help but foster gratitude; which is ultimately worship. And as a creature designed to worship my Creator, I am without question most alive when I worship. And so, seeing is life. Seeing the magical in the ordinary has become my key to life. When my soul feels parched, my heart heavy, seeing quenches the thirst & slowly my heart lifts its head to see the beauty & life not just on the other side of the struggle but right in the middle of it.

To consciously participate in the miraculous unfolding of reality…that is my goal this week. Will you join me? 


We Never Noticed

“We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it.”

I read that somewhere the other day. And although I don’t remember where, it stuck with me. I think it stuck because I was convicted.

We live in a “hustle” society. Like focused work horses with blinders on, we set out to do the work. Finish the to-do list. Create the next great video. Write the next great story. Paint the next great work of art. And amidst all of it we are on a hunt for inspiration which can exhaust us at times.

But I wonder what would happen if we simply stopped.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying work isn’t necessary. Good ideas are meaningless if we never do anything about them. But I wonder…if we slowed down a step to notice the beauty around us would we discover inspiration happens naturally? Instead of trying desperately to create beauty could we more simply reflect the beauty that has soaked into our souls?

I realize that’s easier said than done when we’ve got overflowing calendars & alerts that remind us when we’re supposed to be creating beauty. But I encourage you to find ways to train yourself to notice the beauty.

Then, come back & share your tips with the rest of us :)

Addicted to Speed

In a world addicted to speed, I blur the moments into one unholy smear.
(One Thousand Gifts, Ann Voskamp, p.66)

I have the tendency to do that…blur moment gifts into one unholy, unappreciated smear. In the end it leaves me ungrateful & in turn steals the joy in life. I have to be incredibly intentional about slowing down…taking the time to really see life around me…recognizing each individual holy moment.

Many days, I do that through the lens of my iPhone camera. It forces me to stop & see. This past Thanksgiving weekend I took plenty of time to slow life down. My friend Alece challenged us to create a “wall of thanks” (see post it pictures below :)). My dear friend Emory & I enjoyed a “staycation” complete with slow lazy mornings, plenty of naps, several movies, a leisurely walk, lots of chocolate, and of course a Friends marathon :) It was truly a weekend of recognizing & savoring the moments. And for that, I am grateful.






Throwback Sundays…Nothing…and Everything


“Mooch and Earl just stayed still and enjoyed nothing…and everything.”

I don’t know…there is just something sweet about that…the ability to sit with someone or a group of people and enjoying nothing and everything all at the same time. I am incredibly blessed to have people I get to do that with here in Nashville. And most weekends, that’s how I spend my time…savoring life…being still with friends I love enjoying nothing…and everything. For that and for them, I am grateful.

It was true then & it’s still true now. Friends with whom you can enjoy nothing…and everything are an absolute gift. And spending time with them is what weekends are made for.

Throwback Sundays…In the Mundane

“We don’t miss God because He’s far away, rather we miss Him because He’s so close.” How often I needed to be reminded of that. Reminded that God is in the details just as much as He is the big picture. That He’s ordering my steps & writing the story of my journey.

So, here’s to seeing God in the details
in every human interaction
in the sunset
in the rain
in the song that comes up on shuffle
in the encouraging text from a friend
in the mundane
in the routine
yes, He’s much bigger than all of those things
but He’s in them nonetheless
and when I pause long enough
I see indescribable beauty in “everyday” life

Do you miss God in the details?