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The Power of Your Words

I have a calendar titled “To Be Remembered” for those days, moments, experiences, & conversations that mark me. Those that have forever shaped my life & little perspective on this big world. 

March 4th is one of the days marked on that calendar. It was 2010. I was on my first trip to Nashville for a gathering of the Visual Worship Tribe. Quite honestly it feels like a lifetime ago though I can still remember it vividly –  the people, the place that would become my church home, and one conversation in particular. 

That day (my now friend) Paul spoke words that I will never forget, ones that forever changed the course of my journey.

“You don’t have joy for the ministry that you’re doing right now,” he said. Something like that isn’t easy to hear. It’s even harder to hear coming from a stranger. But I didn’t hear Paul in that moment, I heard God shouting at me. (I’d been trying to ignore him for quite some time.) And I’m forever grateful to Paul for obediently saying what his heart told him to say in that moment even if it was uncomfortable.

Moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of what you say. When your gut tells you to say something, say it! If someone is heavy on your heart, reach out to them. Your words may mark a day someone will never forget. 


The Conversations of the Yellow Pants

I bought these mustard yellow pants a couple of months back & I love them. I love color & mustard yellow is one my current favs. But what I’ve come to love most are the conversations I end up in when I wear them. Something about yellow pants invites strangers to compliment them, ask questions about them, tell about how they have always yellow pants, etc.

I was sitting at Starbucks today when the guy who had sat down at the counter near me turns & says “You’ve gotta be pretty bold to wear yellow pants.” I responded with something like “The key is to believe you can pull them off.” He proceeded to tell me a story of how when he was young he had yellow pants & he wore them all the time, but as an adult he wouldn’t dare because he could never pull them off.

Starbucks stranger isn’t the first to express this sentiment – wanting to live boldly but holding back because of what other people might think…that’s what it comes down to. It may sound slightly ridiculous, because we are talking about pants after all, but I think the yellow pants incite conversations because deep in each of us lies a desire to be carefree…to live who we are despite what others may or may not think. But most of the time we settle for living that desire vicariously…through TV, movies, books, social media, etc.

When someone tells me they’ve always wanted to pull off yellow pants but never could, I want to ask them how they expect to take risks & follow their dreams, how they expect to live adventurously, to live fully awake soaking up all life has to offer, when they’re afraid to wear a pair of yellow pants.

How would your life look different if your inner child who didn’t worry about what people may or may not think when you wore yellow pants ruled the voices in your head?