Sucker for Nostalgia

Something about this time of year always brings “five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…how do you measure a year?” to mind. The truth is there are a million ways to reflect or look back on a year; to measure it’s worth & memories.

Being a lifelong sucker for nostalgia, I savor the time spent remembering.

2012 was packed with more life than I would’ve ever believed possible for one year. It has simultaneously one of the most painful yet richly beautiful years of my whopping 27. And there’s a sense of accomplishment in reaching the end of it with hope, though threadbare in spots, well in tact.

Because in the end, the things I remember most about this year are things like:
Countless game nights, laughter, & family dinners with my favorite people
Summer evenings at Arrington with friends
Helping a friend finish his book
Another successful STORY experience
Working with more than 10 new clients
Impromptu ice cream runs on warm summer nights
Too many nights of too little sleep
Conversations of the heart over multiple cups of coffee
Amazingly beautiful live music
Terrible live music
Life-giving conversations with strangers
Dreaming with friends
Spontaneous dinner conversations over Mexican food
Old friends getting married
Supporting friends in their art
Dancing in the rain
Sunday nights with incredibly talented musicians

The list could go on.

As I stood in a room the other night listening to some of the most beautiful musical sounds I’ve heard yet, I was in awe of the magically intangible spirit of the place. One of community, generosity; a like-minded heart to create art for the love of it & to help others in the process – a spirit of friendship that exceeds personal agendas. That spirit is what comes to mind when I think about Nashville & that spirit is what makes this place home.

Even after more than two years, there are days it seems like a dream to be living a life in which my heart feels at home. If I’m honest, there are too many days I take that incredible reality for granted.

As we start another year I’m recommitting to measuring my life in moments, in friendships, in community, in love, in life-giving adventurous risks.

How was your 2012? What are you most excited to leave behind? What are you most looking forward to about 2013?

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With courage, Katie

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