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From a Tweet to a Prayer to a Friendship

I love all of my friends. And I am blessed and humbled to know each and every one of them. But there are some people in my life I so greatly respect that the fact I can call them a friend humbles me beyond words.

Michael Buckingham (@holycowcreative) is one of those people. And the story of our friendship truly is from a tweet to a prayer to a friendship. And it’s a God story that deserves to be told so He can get the credit! This past March Michael sent out a tweet with a link to a prayer form on his website. I don’t know what compelled me to fill it out and submit it or to be honest in doing so because I just don’t do that sort of thing, but I did. Michael followed up not long after with an email and from those conversations a friendship began. Really, it’s more of a mentorship because I have more to learn from that guy than there is probably time for in this life!

In a world where online can lack authenticity and people’s offline selves can be the opposite of their online, I’m blessed to know people like Michael who break the norm. I’ve only met a handful of people who are extremely passionate about what they do but also always true to their heart for people. And even fewer who walk that out with humility. Michael is one of those people and it’s an honor to know him.

And you know the really great part? Michael wants to pray for you too! Check out his site here and share as much or as little as you’d like.

Nothing…and Everything

“The Gift of Nothing,” have you ever read it? It’s a cute little book I’ve had in my collection since my “gonna be a teacher” days. But, I’ve held onto it because I like the message…simple as it may be.

The basic premise is that Mooch is trying to find the perfect gift for his friend Earl who has everything. So, he decides to get him nothing. But finding nothing is more difficult than Mooch thought it would be. In the end, though, he is successful. And after Earl unwraps his gift, “Mooch and Earl just stayed still and enjoyed nothing…and everything.”

I don’t know…there is just something sweet about that…the ability to sit with someone or a group of people and enjoying nothing and everything all at the same time. I am incredibly blessed to have people I get to do that with here in Nashville. And most weekends, that’s how I spend my time…savoring life…being still with friends I love enjoying nothing…and everything. For that and for them, I am grateful.

Name Dropping

I’ll be completely candid and honest, one of my biggest twitter pet peeves is all of the “name dropping” that seems to happen. In fact, as a result I’ve gotten to the point of rarely tagging people in my tweets because I don’t want be lumped in with the name droppers.

But, I’ve been thinking this week about the difference between name dropping and “friend dropping” or “someone you believe in dropping.” I had the opportunity to meet some incredible people this week who are new friends and people I believe in. But, if you looked at my tweets from the last couple of days you wouldn’t have any idea who any of those incredible people were. And honestly, that makes me a bit sad because I want the world to know about those people. They are genuine, influential, encouraging, relationship building, servant hearted, Jesus loving dreamers. They are the kind of people that give me hope for the world and for the Church.

So, I’m actively struggling to find a balance. A balance between too many names and not enough names. A balance of the difference between a name and a friend or someone I believe in. And all of that makes me wonder if what I think is “name dropping” is often just people who are excited to talk about their friends and people they believe in.

Why I Love Technology

On Saturday I had lunch with a friend who I met because of a “mutual friend” on Facebook and a Facebook #fail.
Saturday night I went out with my roommates whom I found on Craigslist.
Sunday morning I went to church…a church that I call a home…a church that I ended up at because of a friendship that developed several states away via Twitter.

We can criticize all we want, and yes, we need to remember that technology and social media are simply tools. But, if we slow down enough to see it, at the heart of it all is people and relationships. That is why I love technology.

Why do you love technology?

Is Solitude Always the Answer?

Confession time: my head & my heart feel like they’re going to explode these days.

I realize that may sound completely ridiculous but that is the best description I can come up with. My head is full of ideas…I feel like I have more ideas than I know what to do with or have the time to process and work through. My heart is full of hope, uncertainty, gratitude, excitement, and everything in between. Describing what’s on my heart is where words seem to be failing me most. These days I’m learning to treasure the times when I sit down in front of my computer or with a pen and my journal and the words just flow. For a brief moment there is some relief.

Having a heart and a head so full makes me want to get away. Not run away, but simply escape for a time to create space to process it all. And I have done just that for parts of days here and there in the last few weeks. But, I’m talking multiple days in a row of processing, decompressing, & renewal. I’m realizing however, that there is a problem: I become more of an extroverted introvert every single day. Every day I find more energy from my interactions with people than from being alone. Every day I find processing with others more productive than doing so alone. Given all of that I’m not sure how productive and refreshing multiple days in a row alone would be for me.

That brings me to the question: is solitude always the best answer? Always necessary? Or is it possible to achieve the same result by escaping with other people? I’d love to hear your thoughts!