Driving Satan Crazy

In talking with a friend the other day he told me the story of how his laptop and cell phone were stolen while he was doing mission work in Mexico. You see, he was staying in a fairly nice house that had a lot of material possessions in it. But, the only things stolen that night were his laptop and cell phone. As he told me the story I looked at him and was like wow, that really stinks. He looked back at me and said, “Nope. I was like praise God!”

Yeah, that look you just got on your face was the one I gave him. That “Are you crazy?” look. He went on to say, “Absolutely, praise God. Praise God that Satan cares that much about me. That I am that much of a threat to him. That I scare him that much that he takes time out to try and rattle my cage. Praise God.”

Wow! I was completely shocked, convicted, and inspired all at the same time. How different my life would be if I approached everything from that standpoint. If I took the perspective of my friend. The challenges and struggles of life would seem much smaller and less burdensome if I looked at them as a blessing because it meant the amazing things God was doing through me were driving Satan crazy.

How do you look at the challenges and struggles that come into your life? Do they cause you to get angry and frustrated? Or do you praise God for them?

With courage, Katie

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