Who’s Qualified?

I was reading the latest Catalyst Monthly newsletter this week and came across an article from Justin Wise about burnout in the church. While the burnout part resonated with me because I think I’ve been there, the line that really caught my heart’s attention was this one:

“While the intent behind ordination is good and true, unfortunately it has built an artificial distinction between “professional” Christians and “regular” Christians.”

(I will apologize now for the soapbox I may climb on during the next few moments)

Even being on staff at a church, I totally get this because I feel it. I feel like many people look at me as only “semi-professional” because I don’t have a degree from a seminary that hangs on my wall. If I’m honest, this is something that way back in the cobwebs of my heart bothers me almost daily. The feeling of not being quite good enough, not quite as qualified as someone with that degree.

Perhaps part of the reason it bothers me so much is I don’t understand the reasoning behind that thought process. I could hypothesize about it, but I won’t…at least for now.

What about you? Have you experienced the “more qualified” mindset – from either side? What do you think the reasoning is for it?

With courage, Katie

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  1. totally get this. it's a weird thing. my dad is a minister of music…so people automatically assume…i am more qualified because he is?! that make sense?. it's twisted. it's not right. i don't know when or how Christians decided it would be beneficial to put ministers on a pedestal. the 12 disciples worked hand in hand with Jesus, they unlaced His sandals, they saw first-hand the work of His power…but they were never regarded in any higher esteem than other followers of Christ.

    I timothy 1:15-16,

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