And Guest


I pulled the invitation out of the mailbox and I immediately had that “I don’t like how this feels” feeling in my gut.

“…and guest”

The site of those two little words immediately made my heart sink just a little.

Last they knew I was dating someone…seriously enough that I was posting pictures on Facebook…which was the only reason they knew because I don’t talk to my family often let alone about my dating life. But they knew about him and they were insistent he come with me on my next visit. In July. For the wedding.

The invitation has arrived. But he is no longer in my life. And no one has filled his spot. When I saw the words “and guest” I immediately felt the shame and pain of that void. The sadness of the loss came rushing back.

And not just shame. But the difficult admission to myself that I really want someone to be in his place. I want a name to put in the guest line. Not having a name to put there is lonely. Isolating. It can cause me to feel like I’m not enough if I’m not careful.

Six months ago…for that matter six days ago…I would never have let myself seriously consider posting a blog that had anything to do with relationships. But, here’s to living life a little more vulnerably & letting go of trying to control people’s perceptions of me.

It’s amazing the flood of feelings & thoughts that can be started by two little words, isn’t it? But I’m learning to pay attention to those little feelings & thoughts because I’m beginning to think my truest self lives in those gut instinct reactions, the ones I all too often miss.

With courage, Katie

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  1. “I hear from so many people who get upset when they get an invitation that’s just to them,” said Sharon Naylor, the author of “The Essential Guide to Wedding Etiquette” (Sourcebooks Casablanca, 2005). “It’s really tough, because as a bride you want to adhere to etiquette and offer all guests over 18 — some families do over 16 — an ‘and guest.’ But it’s a judgment call, because there are so many different kinds of relationships today.

    Dearest niece- I did not in any way want you to feel anything but happiness at the guest option.
    We enjoy when you come back to Minnesota for events/visits and want you to always feel welcome- alone or with a guest. :) Love you-

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