The Insignificant Moments

It truly is the moments. Sometimes those moments are days. But oftentimes they’re just moments…parts of days. But moments which forever change and shape my heart and soul. They’re moments I never want to forget because they remind me that I’m human. They remind of who I am and who I love. They remind me what’s important. And they give me hope. For life. For humanity. When all is said and done I think our lives are made up of these. The seemingly insignificant moments. The moments in which strangers become friends. The moments when all of the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place and we understand. The moments which we spend living for something greater than ourselves.

With courage, Katie


  1. I'm just going to start plagarising your blog posts since you seem to be able to write the things I want to but can never find the words for. Incredible post about your story and I'm glad that I've gotten to personally experience small pieces of it over the last few months. And I really like the journal styling of this one.

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