S-E-E – One Word 2012

S-e-e. Three simple letters. And although I haven’t quite sorted it all out in my head just yet, I think part of the key to fully living lies in those three letters…learning how to really see. To see God’s goodness, to see others, & to see myself…all honestly – the good & bad.

Seeing inspires gratitude. It fuels courage. Fosters growth. Builds trust. And banishes fear.
Seeing strengthens community. It encourages others.
Seeing gives birth to dreams. And it leads to action.

Seeing requires slowing down. It means choosing to be vulnerable.

To see is to surrender assumptions & “the way it’s always been” in order to discover what really is. 

Seeing is risky. But I believe it’s a risk that is life-giving. So for 2012, my one word, my goal, is to see. To really truly sincerely see. To discover how the eyes of the soul see.

Do you have a word for 2012? I’d love to hear it!

With courage, Katie


  1. I am trying to get my word for 2012. Thinking about Acclimate. A lot of my life is going to change in the next year. Graduating from North Greenville University, getting a job, my own place, in a new place (hopefully), and just adjusting to the "real world" as people call it.

    Yea, I think that is going to be my word. What do you think?

  2. Love this!! i'm excited to see what you do!! I have been thinking so much about impactful it is when other people feel seen. i just love that. so much to that word!

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