Throwback Sundays…A Month in Pictures (And a few words)

Today marks exactly one year since I moved to Nashville. I left Appleton,WI that day & haven’t looked back yet. Not only am I still in Nashville but it is 100% home.

This was the first “update on Nashville life” post I did…most in picture form :) It was was fun to read back through it today. For the record, I still think almost everything I own would fit in my car. I’ve been super intentional about not collecting “things.” I still LOVE the sunsets. I still spend a lot of time in coffee shops. I did move from Franklin & am in that same place. And STORY 2011 planning is in full swing & the event is just around the corner. I’m excited about spending that week in Chicago.

Beyond that, I am truly in awe of the story God has written in my life over the last year. The people, the experiences, the places, the lessons. I could not have predicted any part of it except that it would be hard, that I would want to give up at times, & that it would require patience & faith. It hasn’t failed on any of those counts, but it has also been pretty incredible. What I wrote a year ago still holds true…I moved here for life and life is what I’ve found.

What’s happened in your life in the last year?

With courage, Katie

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