The Mess


If there is one thing I’m reminded of daily it’s this: life is messy. It is a complex, multi-layered, spaghetti tangled, mess.

I’m discovering, though, that if I can accept that fact, I can see the beauty in the mess. And the beauty makes the mess bearable. I can even embrace it.

Embracing the mess means I stop waiting for life to get better & start living. Right now. In this moment. In the middle of broken relationships, tension at work, questions about faith, forgotten dreams, & health battles.

Accepting that fact…that life is messy…relieves a bit of the pressure to “fix it” or “get life in order.” I’m not saying we don’t try but we try knowing full well that we will fail. That we may rearrange the mess but we will never eliminate it. Because the mess…life…is so much bigger than us. But I also know that there is One who is bigger than the mess.

What mess are you embracing in your life in this moment?

With courage, Katie

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