Pick Up Your Bed & Go to China

A million emotions are running through me. A million. I’m excited, of course. I’m not nervous…at least I don’t think so. I’m restless…unsettled…expectant. Ready to go.

Just the fact that I can go alone is pretty overwhelming. After 5 years fighting a muscle disease it isn’t stopping me. I saw my doctor last Monday & had some blood work done. I emailed him about the results & his response? “Pick up your bed & go to China.” There’s a reason I was in tears when I read it. There were many times when I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever see this day.

And so, I’m going. I’ve been counting down to today since February. I’m headed to China for a month. I’m going with no program, no agenda. Just life. So if it’s a little quiet around here over the next month, you’ll know why :)



With courage, Katie


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