I’m Katie.

In less than 40 words, I am:

A lover of coffee, creating, & people.
An idealist on a journey to love & embrace mystery.
Champion of dreamers.
Friend to artists.
Encourager of creatives.
Seeker of beauty.
Exploring a conversation about living courageously, loving wholeheartedly, & savoring life.

If there ever was a quote that summed up my life’s work, this would be it:

Work miracles by giving courage. Many ideas have failed to be realized because people lacked the courage to see them through. Promising careers have been abandoned because people were afraid. Cheer people on. Instill courage in their hearts. – Wilferd A. Peterson

My friends would tell you:

I’m a quote collecting nerd
I have a slight obsession with clouds, sunsets, & bridges
I can pack a mean spur of the moment picnic
My guacamole is their favorite
I will almost always vote for Mexican food
I am an organization nerd
I like asking tough questions

I’m learning:

To love & embrace the mystery
The art of living
To take more risks
To choose vulnerability because it’s the only way to fully live
Pain is a necessary part of a full life
That becoming “me” is a lifelong process
Honesty, even when hard & painful, is always the best choice
Sometimes when you’re feeling anti-social you need to put on your big girl heels & go out on the town
That while I’ve spent most of my life search for like minded people, the like hearted ones are the ones worth looking for

I’m committed to fighting for:

Permission for people to believe in their dreams
Building memories in place of bitterness
Sweet failure in place of regret
Surprise rather than the expected
Unconventional over conventional
Richer life that lies on the other side of the painful seasons
A world that believes relationships always win
The grace to be on the way to somewhere
“What’s your story?” not “What do you do?”
Roots that dig deep
A heart that lets me roll with the punches
Making time for people
Doing more than writing about the life I want to live
Living fully awake

My soul finds life in:

Slow conversations of the heart
Ocean wind & waves
Beauty in the ordinary
The night sky
Hearing other people’s stories

Outside of this blog

My company, Dirty Work, helps entrepreneurs & small non-profits find clarity, get unstuck, & get started. We offer administrative support services which help artists, writers, entrepreneurs, & experience designers bridge the gap between ideation & implementation. Most days I feel like I’m living a dream as I’m not sure I could have created myself a better job.

I’m wrong more often than I am right and I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, most of what I write about I will probably still be processing and wrestling with myself. But, I invite you to walk the journey with me; to allow your curiosity to find courage.

Your turn. I’d love to hear your story! Send me an email, be instagram friends, or find me on twitter.

photos by Dottie Beasley