And Guest

I pulled the invitation out of the mailbox and I immediately had that “I don’t like how this feels” feeling in my gut. “…and guest” The site of those two little words immediately made my heart sink just a little. Last they knew I was dating someone…seriously enough that I was posting pictures on Facebook…which […]

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One Word 2014

I’ve spent weeks thinking about a word for this year and I thought I had landed on discipline. I would devote 2014 to getting life in order, setting rules for myself, having a more rigid routine…all of which boiled down to one ugly word: control. It hit me that I wanted to focus on discipline […]

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Revising Life

A mutual friend encouraged Renee to reach out to me about my work. We finally connected for coffee after a missed connection. Expecting a business conversation, I asked Renee to tell me about what she did. What followed was one of those sacred moments of connection. Renee had found herself in an unexpected circumstance recently […]

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On Living and Leaving

“What brought you to Nashville?” “Life.” Life is always my answer. Sometimes people give me a perplexed look & ask me to explain. Then I get to tell them the story & that’s my favorite part. More life has been crammed into the last three years than I could’ve ever imagined. But I’ve learned that […]

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In the Mystery

We were catching up on life while several hundred folks swirled around us. It had been a year since we’d last chatted – in this same spot in a city neither of us call home. “I quit my job,” he said. “I sold all my tools and decided I was done.” “That’s awesome!” The tone […]

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Can I Tell You a Story about STORY?

People ask me often how DirtyWork got started. And no matter where I start the story or how I tell it, it always involves a conversation in which Ben Arment told me I needed to start a company & call it DirtyWork because that’s what I do for people. The only reason I know Ben […]

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