A STORY You Don’t Want to Miss

I am a huge proponent of taking online community offline. I believe it’s vital to fostering dialogue and relationships among tribes in the church. And if you are part of the creative tribe in the church, then STORY is an opportunity to take the online offline that you’re going to want to check out.

What is STORY?

I’m glad you asked. It’s a conference for the creative class in ministry. For those of you who hear the word “conference” and immediately stop reading, please don’t! STORY will be different. If you are an artist, writer, or producer in the church STORY is designed to fuel your creativity and inspire you as you strive to communicate the greatest story ever told. Check out some of the great creative voices both in ministry and the marketplace that you will have a chance to hear from at STORY:

Dan Allender – best-selling author, professor at Mars Hill Graduate School

Charlie Todd – creator of Improv Everywhere in New York City

Princess Zulu – AIDS victim from infancy, advocate for the oppressed

Jason Fried – founder of 37Signals, creator of Basecamp, author of Rework

John Sowers – president of Donald Miller’s The Mentoring Project

Shauna Niequist – former creative director at Mars Hill, author of Bittersweet

David Hodges – formerly of the band Evanescence, award-winning songwriter

Leonard Sweet – futurist, author of 40 books, professor at Drew University

David McFadzean – creator of Home Improvement, producer of Roseanne

Richard Walter – accomplished screenwriter and professor of film at UCLA

Sean Gladding – member of Communality, a new monastic community

Andrew Klavan – author of True Crime (Clint Eastwood) and numerous novels

Gary Dorsey – founder of Pixel Peach Studio in Austin, TX

Music by Vicky Beeching, Kari Jobe and Carlos Whittaker

When & Where is STORY?

STORY will be held September 23-24, 2010 at Park Community Church in downtown Chicago. Come for STORY and stay to experience life in the city for the weekend.

What is the Format?

STORY will be a two-day, main-stage event. While there won’t be any breakouts or workshops, there will be time for questions and dialogue both during and after the event.

Interested? Click here to register. Seating is limited to just 500 attendees and half of the seats have already been sold, so don’t wait!

With courage, Katie

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