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It All Feels So Official

I spend a great deal of time & energy encouraging other people to pursue their dreams & ideas. Encouraging them to overcome the resistance…to fight the fear…& just do it. But I will be the first to admit that I almost always need to be looking in the mirror when I’m giving those pep talks.

When I moved to Nashville 7 months ago I figured I would probably end up doing freelance work but was hesitant to jump into it because I don’t consider myself a “business person.” I had a conversation in November that was a punch in the gut, get moving moment. But here is it the last day of March and I just not finally took the step that I’ve been putting off…launching nomoredirtywork.com – a website for my freelance work.

I am still fighting resistance. Fighting fear. Fighting the tension in it for me. But I’m blessed with incredible friends & mentors who push me to keep fighting. And I’m pretty grateful for them. With the website live & the business cards that also came in the mail today, I feel like I can officially call myself a freelancer. :)

What project or dream are you fighting resistance on right now?

Throwback Sundays…Identity Crisis

I’ve had plenty of conversations in recent months to be sure that many of us still fight through an identity crisis on a regular basis. We get wrapped up in labels and titles all too often. Those conversations are a reminder to me to never stop praying this prayer:

Lord, help us to root our identity in the fact that we are created, not in what we create.

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