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My Throwback Sundays tradition has been on quite the long hiatus, but sometimes I need to be reminded of my own words. Do you ever have those moments? When you’re convinced that God inspires you to write something because He knows that months later you’re going to need to give yourself a “halftime, down by 10, locker room coach” talk?

When my heart is having trouble remembering I have to go back to what my head knows is true. It’s been one of those seasons & tonight a post I wrote back in February is proving to be just the locker room coach talk I know I need to hear even if I’d rather not. With a heart that’s weary from living in the tension of the space in between, I need to be reminded that this space may be the birth of some of my greatest creativity if I’ll just have the courage to see that God is meeting me in it & fill the space with beauty.

In Between – 2.13.12
What do you do with the space in between?
The space between your dreams & the perhaps not so shiny daily reality.
The seemingly large chasm between here & there.
Between what you want & what you have.
The gap between the life you were designed to live & the live you’re living.
What do you do with the space between a Kingdom that is here & not yet?
A hope that is realized & yet to come.
The gray space between the darkness & the light.
What do you do with the space in between? The kind of space that creates tension.

You can read the full original post here

I’d love to read a post that’s been one of your locker room coach talks! Would you share one below?

With courage, Katie

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