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Jump Start Your Dream

Do you have a daunting dream you want to pursue but no idea where to begin? Or maybe fear has you stuck.

Sometimes one of the most important things in fighting that resistance is people who will stand behind us. I know I’ve learned the value of having a community of supportive relationships that pushes me & supports me in the pursuit of crazy ideas. Ben Arment is one of those people & one of the most motivational people I know. He’s also been through the process enough times himself to have learned a thing or two :)

Ben launched Dream Year in 2010 which is a year-long coaching process to launch your dream. But you have the opportunity to get a condensed version of the process in just one weekend.

Dream Year weekends are designed not only to give you great content & insight into the process of launching your dream, but also a place to connect with people who will support & push you in the pursuit of your God-given dream. I attended the Dream Year weekend in Nashville & loved it! The next one is coming up in Washington D.C. June 3rd-5th & you still have time to get in on the fun. Check here for more information or to register!

The Fear of Success

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. ”  – Marianne Williamson

I become more convinced every day that in general that statement is true. We seem to be more afraid of success than we are of failure. We think it’s failure we are afraid of but only because it’s easier to admit. After all, people expect you to be afraid of failure, but being afraid of success seems kind of ridiculous.

I have to count myself guilty of fearing success. In an effort to be as humble as possible…to not do anything that may be mistaken as pride…to guard against ego, I stay as far away from my own success as possible. I will work to help others succeed all day long, but myself? Not so much.

With success comes accountability. With success comes the risk of bigger failures. With success comes the risk of losing control. With success comes responsibility.

But, with success also comes an opportunity for God to be glorified. I’m grateful for the voices of wisdom in my life who’ve pointed out to me that failing to act because I fear success is wasting my gifts. It’s saying to God, “sorry, I just don’t think you’re big enough to keep my heart from pride, to keep my ego in check.”

But the truth is, Christ lives in me. And through Him I can do all things. And that includes being successful without becoming prideful. So, I’m resolved to tackle my fear of succeeding. Will you join me?

Throwback Sundays…When Dreams Die

I spent the weekend at Ben Arment’s Dream Year event here in Nashville. There are few things I love more in life than talking with people who are passionate about their God-given audacious dreams. But, with all of the dream talk I’m reminded of a keynote talk I heard Phil Vischer give at the Echo Conference a couple years ago. He asked a question that haunts me every time I think about my dreams:

“When God gives you a dream, and then he shows up in it and it comes to life, and the suddenly it dies, maybe God wants to know what’s more important – Him or the dream.”

I guess it just reminds me to keep a healthy perspective as I chase those crazy God-given dreams and strive for balance as unattainable as it may be.

See what else Phil had to say here.

One Word 2011…

A couple of days ago I mentioned I was considering one word for 2011 after being inspired by this post from Alece. I’ve spent some time over the last few days praying about that word and I think it’s pretty clear. I think it’s one that God has been preparing my heart for in the last several weeks. And that word is surrender.

I thought about other words…

But in the end, I realized that it really all came down to surrender…
Surrendering fear of trusting, of risking, of dreaming
Surrendering my plans for action
Surrendering to risk and trust in relationships and community
Surrendering takes courage

I realized that at the root of all those other words was a common denominator. The reason I don’t risk, don’t dream, struggle with trust, resist relationships, shy away from true community, am afraid, fail to take action, and lack courage all comes down to one thing…me not fully surrendering everything I have and everything I am to the One who gave it all to me.

So, I figured why focus on the symptoms when I can attack the cause head on :) A challenge? No doubt! One I can accomplish on my own? Absolutely not! But, bring on the pain. And yes, feel free to throw that back at me when I’m complaining about the pain that will inevitably come :) But I believe there is beauty and peace in surrender that we cannot fully know or comprehend until we are truly living it. And I believe complete surrender is worship…I believe it’s what we’re called to. And so, that’s my vision for 2011…my direction…surrender…complete surrender. What exactly that will look like I’m not sure, but I think I’m okay with that for now. I know He’s got a plan just waiting for me to reach out and take hold of.

Will you take the challenge? One word for 2011? If you do let me know!

Throwback Sundays…Life is Calling. How Far Will You Go?

I wrote this post back in April. I was in the middle of wrestling with God about what He had for me next. Was I supposed to stay in Appleton at The CORE or go? I think deep down I knew from the beginning the answer was go….I was just to afraid to acknowledge it.

Risk was a recurring theme in my life then and it has been again lately. I feel God saying, “I’m calling. How far will you go?” I’ve said to several of my friends lately that I feel like I’m on the brink of something…like I’m standing at the door of the plane getting ready…just waiting to jump. And it’s equally exciting and frightening at the same time. One of those friends said to me the other day, “God called you to go skydiving. Nashville is just the airplane…in leaving Appleton you weren’t jumping, just getting in the plane. You still have yet to jump out. Just remember that.” I won’t lie…that scares me!

But, when I remember that it’s God saying “How far will you go?” I remember that complete surrender is His call. And that means fear and hesitation too. I don’t know what that looks like in my life in the months ahead, but I’m going to try to be excited to find out :)

You can check out the rest of the original post here. What’s been the biggest risk in your life recently?

Ponder…the Bumblebee

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know that so it goes on flying anyway.
– Mary Kay Ash

Makes me wonder what we’d do if we were more like bumblebees…not knowing that we weren’t supposed to do certain things or that we shouldn’t be able to do them.  Would we attempt the “impossible?” Would we risk more? Make the phone call we’ve been afraid to make? Have the conversation we’ve been keeping bottled up? Pursue a dream? Dream bigger? Overcome fear? Actually do what we were created to do in the first place?