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Nothing…and Everything

“The Gift of Nothing,” have you ever read it? It’s a cute little book I’ve had in my collection since my “gonna be a teacher” days. But, I’ve held onto it because I like the message…simple as it may be.

The basic premise is that Mooch is trying to find the perfect gift for his friend Earl who has everything. So, he decides to get him nothing. But finding nothing is more difficult than Mooch thought it would be. In the end, though, he is successful. And after Earl unwraps his gift, “Mooch and Earl just stayed still and enjoyed nothing…and everything.”

I don’t know…there is just something sweet about that…the ability to sit with someone or a group of people and enjoying nothing and everything all at the same time. I am incredibly blessed to have people I get to do that with here in Nashville. And most weekends, that’s how I spend my time…savoring life…being still with friends I love enjoying nothing…and everything. For that and for them, I am grateful.