I Have…Had…Am Living…a Dream

I have this dream

I have this dream that I get to live in a world where I am free to serve,
Where my schedule is not a barrier to love in action.
A world where life is work & work is life,
That is a big tangled messy but beautiful pile of spaghetti.
A world where what I do is who I am.

I have this dream of community that loves well,
Really loves…in the mud & the rain as well as in the sunshine.
Friends who encourage & speak truth,
Who know all my junk & love my anyway,
Who are splendidly unconventional.
People who love relentlessly because it is simply who they are.

I have this dream of a world where I get to collaborate on Kingdom things with friends.
A world where I get to live adventure.
Where not living according to a plan means being blissfully surprised by the little things.
Where I get to listen when called upon.
A world where God uses the story he’s writing in my life to encourage someone else in theirs.

“Katie, your life is like a dream, one so many would kill for.” (He had listened to me muse for at least 30 minutes about being less than satisfied with life at the moment)

Sometimes my friends speak truth I already know & it wakes me up.

I woke up & remembered that I am living that dream.
And not only am I living that dream but the life I’ve been given the opportunity to live is far greater than anything I could ever dream.

I had this dream. That dream is life.


Have you ever had a moment like this?


With courage, Katie


  1. yes, I live this moment on occasion.
    I dream that I remain unhindered by my hangups and crazy thoughts of inadequacy. God tells me that His grace is sufficient.
    I dream that I keep growing and moving forward. I dream that fear of failure and fear of success is vanquished like the fire-breathing in the fairy tales. Sometimes I need to step up and be the knight who slays the dragon. Sometimes I need to ask for help to do just that. And other times to leave the dragon to God. and the wisdom to know when each needs to be done.

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