Throwback Sundays…When God Brings it Full Circle


My encouragement to you? Fight for the relationships, despite how awkward or uncomfortable or hard it may be, because they are worth it. But also be encouraged when things don’t go well, feeling are hurt, you feel “wronged,” or you don’t handle a situation well that God is greater than all of it and He will redeem it. (original post here)

In all things, even relationships, victory isn’t possible without the battle. Beauty seldom comes without brokenness. People are worth trudging through the mess!

With Seeing Comes Responsibility

What is that line from Spiderman? “With great power comes great responsibility.” 

I’m beginning to learn that the same is true with seeing. When you eyes are opened there is no going back. With seeing comes responsibility.

Responsibility to act.
To share what you see.
To speak the truth in love.
To live the truth in love.
To be patient & sit in the tension between the old reality & the new.

Seeing is information…knowledge. And knowledge forever changes things. Information changes the reality that once was & there is no going back to the way things were. I’m discovering that part of seeing is also learning how to redefine & navigate a new reality in light of what is seen.

And that may be the hardest part of all.

Throwback Sundays…The Best Community of People I Know

They are people who I can laugh with, cry with, rest with, worship with, vent to, be silent with, dream with, pray with, work with, be challenged by, and serve with. It is a community that I believe with my whole heart is the reason God brought me to Nashville. It is a community that I get incredibly excited about when I think of how God has used them and will continue to use them for His Kingdom. (full post here)

My community has certainly changed faces in the year & a half I’ve been in Nashville. As life’s seasons change so do relationships. But, community is still strong. It’s one thing Nashville does well – the thing that I find people who move here never knew they were missing until they discover they have it 8 months later. I tweeted the other day that home is where everybody knows your name. And that’s exactly what Nashville is. Most days it feels like a never ending episode of Cheers & I simply love it.

I hope you have good community that you’re spending Sunday with! :)