Step 1: Wake Up!

Awake my soul! – Psalm 57:8

I read that simple little three word phrase…one I’m sure I’ve read many times before…back in December & for the first time my soul felt it – really felt it as it screamed “yes! that’s what I want. I want to be awake!”

I want to be awake to life. To the celebration, the pain, the love, the hurt, the laughter, the tears, & most importantly to the joy & beauty in all of it.

Yes, to be awake to ALL of life. To have a soul that is awake to ALL of life.

I think it was in that moment that I realized if focusing on surrender for 11 months had done anything for my soul it had woken it up. From slumber. From mediocrity. From fear. From comfort. From my plan…my dreams. From the box that I try to confine my limitless God to – the God who created the universe & writes my story. Yes, I had surrendered to Him & in doing so my soul had been awakened to the larger than life story He was writing for me. 

And that’s exactly where I needed to be in order to focus on seeing in 2012. I needed to be awake. Because you can’t see if you’re sleeping.

Seeing requires waking up. Waking up flows from surrender. Another piece of the puzzle…or maybe it’s a spoke of the wheel…falls into place.

Are you awake to life? 

With courage, Katie


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