Saturdays are for Slowing Time

“Time is a relentless river. It rages on, a respecter of no one. And this, this is the only way to slow time: When I fully enter time’s swift current, enter into the current moment with the weight of all my attention, I slow the torrent with the weight of me all here. I can slow the torrent by being all here. I only live the full life when I live fully in the moment. And when I’m always looking for the next glimpse of glory, I slow & enter. And time slows. Weigh down this moment in time with attention full, and the whole of time’s river slows, slows, slows.” – Ann Voskamp in One Thousand Gifts


Throwback Sundays…Is Solitude Always the Answer?

This post was one of those “thinking aloud” type of posts. I asked a lot more questions than I suggested answers. That day the big question was: “Is solitude always the answer?”

If there is anything I’ve learned living in Nashville in the last year it’s the true value of relationships. I feel like I’ve at least scratched the tip of the iceberg on understanding why living in community seems to be such an important Biblical imperative.

I wonder sometimes if we have the tendency to make an idol of solitude. I think we do so because we are so hungry for just a little quiet…a brief escape from the noise.



Stealing Words

There are days I am eternally grateful for songwriters who have beautifully put words to what is bouncing around in my head & my heart but I am unable to find the words for. Today is one of those days.

But the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard is that I don’t have to have the answers, 
just a little light to call my own. 
Though it pales in comparison to the overarching shadows, 
a speck of light can reignite the sun and swallow darkness whole.

Emphasis” by Sleeping at Last (check out the full song here)

Pausing for Beauty

I was reminded today how necessary it is to pause & simply observe the beauty around us. It sounds so simple but in the hurried pace of our lives we often forget to look around. The beauty I see when I stop to look for it refocuses me every time. It reminds me that we serve a good & loving God who could have made all of the leaves green or brown or red all year round. But instead, He chose the beauty of contrast & change. A quick 30 minute walk was all it took to find beauty today…

Have you paused for beauty lately?

Throwback Sundays…Why Not?

Life has been pretty full lately. Work is busy which I cannot complain about one bit. And I absolutely love what I get to do. But I’ve also been incredibly intentional about spending time with people. As a result I’ve found myself in some amazing conversations. Conversations with people who are stepping out in courage, in faith, & approaching life with an attitude of “why not?” It reminded me of this post today. If you are someone who asks “why not?” know that you inspire me! :)