Freedom Through New Eyes

Freedom. 7 letters that have taken on a whole new meaning for me over the last year. And in so many different ways. Freedom from guilt. From lies. From religion. Freedom to be honest. To risk. To simply be. Freedom in community. In worship. In relationship.

But today I have a completely new & deeper understanding of that word. I spent this 4th of July with 100+ refugees in Memphis, TN. People who have escaped more torture & oppression than I will ever know. Children whose eyes stare into the distance as they daydream & I silently pray that if, in that moment, the past is haunting them & replaying in their minds that they would find healing. Most of those individuals are tasting freedom for the first time in their lives.

That makes freedom more tangible than I thought possible. It goes deep and my whole being feels free.

Do you truly, deep down in your heart, feel free? Are you living in freedom? Sometimes I think we miss out on deep joy that can only come from embracing that freedom.

Words cannot describe the joy on the faces of our new friends yesterday. And it’s a joy that somehow, despite everything they’ve been through, seems to run deep. It was the laughter of one little boy on a swing. And the chaos of tons of children on a giant slip n’ slide who couldn’t comprehend why in the world we would be using water for such a thing. The joy of parents to see their children run around…playing…smiling. And, it was the joy of being free. Even if they couldn’t put that into words.

With courage, Katie

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