Another Kind of Resurrection

Last Sunday at church we were in John chapter 10 studying the story of the death and eventual resurrection of Lazarus. It’s a story I’ve heard many times…probably too many to count since I was a kid.

But, this time the whole idea of resurrection struck me like never before. My pastor pointed out that Jesus is in the business of bringing dead people to life. And that isn’t restricted to physical death. It clicked for me that over the last year Jesus has raised me from death. From the death of religion & legalism resurrecting me into a life-giving relationship with Him.

I am alive. I feel alive like never before. The grace in that overwhelms me & the joy is often inexpressible.

But my pastor also pointed out something else that hit hard: Jesus let Lazarus die before he raised him. He could have healed from his sickness before he died. But He didn’t. You see, while God is the ultimate healer He is also in the business of restoration. And oftentimes that means death before new life. Resurrection simply cannot occur without death. It’s impossible.

I think oftentimes we want to overlook that fact because we don’t want the pain…we just want the beauty on the other side. But the truth is the beauty is nothing without the pain. I found that realization comforting. Hard to swallow at times, yes. But, a comfort in knowing that after death comes new life and that new life isn’t possible without death.

How have you experienced resurrection lately?

With courage, Katie


  1. Hmmm. Those are words to savor. I think I'm still in the "dead" phase. My dream crashed and burned about a year ago now, and I'm still coming up for air. I don't know what's next. I'm trying to feel the pain and process for now and carry on. I've learned I can keep going.

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