One Word 2011…

A couple of days ago I mentioned I was considering one word for 2011 after being inspired by this post from Alece. I’ve spent some time over the last few days praying about that word and I think it’s pretty clear. I think it’s one that God has been preparing my heart for in the last several weeks. And that word is surrender.

I thought about other words…

But in the end, I realized that it really all came down to surrender…
Surrendering fear of trusting, of risking, of dreaming
Surrendering my plans for action
Surrendering to risk and trust in relationships and community
Surrendering takes courage

I realized that at the root of all those other words was a common denominator. The reason I don’t risk, don’t dream, struggle with trust, resist relationships, shy away from true community, am afraid, fail to take action, and lack courage all comes down to one thing…me not fully surrendering everything I have and everything I am to the One who gave it all to me.

So, I figured why focus on the symptoms when I can attack the cause head on :) A challenge? No doubt! One I can accomplish on my own? Absolutely not! But, bring on the pain. And yes, feel free to throw that back at me when I’m complaining about the pain that will inevitably come :) But I believe there is beauty and peace in surrender that we cannot fully know or comprehend until we are truly living it. And I believe complete surrender is worship…I believe it’s what we’re called to. And so, that’s my vision for 2011…my direction…surrender…complete surrender. What exactly that will look like I’m not sure, but I think I’m okay with that for now. I know He’s got a plan just waiting for me to reach out and take hold of.

Will you take the challenge? One word for 2011? If you do let me know!

With courage, Katie


  1. Good post,and a perfect word :)

    I think I tend to live in the wrong kind of surrender. Kind of an apathetic surrender (if that's possible). Surrendered or resigned to the point of failing to act.

    This needs to be a year of action for me.

  2. Beautiful word Katie! Every time I read the Gospels, that seems to be the word Christ's actions point toward. And when I watch "The Passion", that attitude bursts forth onto the screen. I can't think of a better word for us in 2011. Thanks for posting!

  3. I like this idea. I've got a couple of words floating through my head right now that I'll have to focus (make that three words) on and determine which is the best.

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