Your Happy Place

I discovered Pictory a few months ago and have fallen in love. I have always been fascinated by the ability an image has to ignite emotion, move people to action, and awaken a memory. I find something powerful about being able to capture a moment of life, a single memory, in a single photograph. And that one photograph can tell an entire story. So, it’s no wonder that I am inspired by a site that collects stories in photographs. The latest project the folks at Pictory have curated (yes, they use that word and I LOVE it!:)) is titled “Just Like Heaven: Our happiest places through the camera’s lens and the mind’s eye.” You can check it out here.

It got me thinking: what’s your “happy place?” Or places?

I’ll go first…these are a few of the places that make my heart smile…
Crema…hands down my favorite coffee shop in Nashville.

Any good sunset makes me stop, breathe deeply, and smile at God the artist.

There is something about a large body of water that I can’t see the other side of…the sound of crashing waves & the wind against my face…that is good for my heart.

One more, which I cannot sum up in a photograph (I’ll have to work on that) is any place where I can sit in the company of friends, engage in great conversation, and soak in life. In Nashville that seems to happen often and I hope I never take it for granted!

Your turn!

With courage, Katie

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