Different Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I read this: “…the experience of many travelers today, who compose their experience through camera lenses as they go and then take the pixelated images home with them in place of memories,” in this article: “Too Many Lenses, Too Few Eyes.”

A couple of days ago I listened to photographer Esther Havens speak at the Echo Conference and was challenged and inspired. Three thoughts she shared stuck with me:

1. Don’t just go to tell stories, be a part of the story.

2. Are you doing a job or connecting with people?

3. Awareness without action is pointless.

The full connection of these two things is still processing in my head and I don’t know exactly what it means. But, I do know that I am challenged and inspired to do something about what I see and what I know…and to see with different eyes…eyes that are not always my own.

With courage, Katie

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