Brought to You by the Letter “Y”

Call it venting. Call it a rant. Call it “up on my soapbox” if you want. But, I have something I need to get off my chest, an observation I made last week at the Dirt Conference and realized is true for us most of the time.

We sit in the main sessions at conferences and listen to speakers who talk primarily about the WHY. They remind us to focus on the WHY and that in the end the WHY is what really matters. We nod our heads and utter verbal agreements to what they are saying.

Fast forward one hour, at most, to the labs or breakout sessions and it seems as though we have completely forgotten about the WHY. The questions that are asked oftentimes aren’t completely answered by the presenters. I think that’s because you cannot fully answer the WHAT until you understand the WHY. And the WHY is different for all of us. If you know who you are and WHY you do what you do the what naturally flows out of that. When I look around at churches or individuals who we would say “don’t get ‘it’” more often than not it’s because they have completely forgotten about or couldn’t ever define the WHY.

Everything that Jesus did while he was here on earth flowed from WHY he was here – redemption, love, and service. And most of his lessons focused on WHY. More often than not God gives us guiding principles, principles that focus on the WHY, not 3 step, 5 step, or 7 step solutions. Why then do we find a need to have one for everything we do in the church?

WHY did you put that image on the screen? WHY did you sing that song? WHY is your church using twitter? WHY that video? That sermon series? That event? That print piece? That font? WHY did you focus that light where you did at the intensity that you did? WHY?

Because bottom line, if we can’t answer WHY then the what will not be effective long term. Now I get that it’s easy to lose sight of the WHY. It happens to me too. I would just encourage us to challenge ourselves to always go back to it. We may just wake up one day to realize that working from the WHY has become a habit.

Do you stay focused on the WHY? What are some tips you can share for keeping that focus?

With courage, Katie

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