What makes you uncomfortable? Talking to people you don’t know? Riding public transportation? Sending your kids to school? Moving to a new town? Having a “tough” conversation? Talking about your feelings? Sharing your faith?

We started Jonah tonight at The CORE and I forgot how much I love that story and how much I can relate to Jonah. So often like him I disobey God because my way seems more comfortable or easier.

For me, going away to high school and moving into a dorm away from home at the age of 13 was a bit uncomfortable. Going to college in a different state at a school where I knew no one was a bit uncomfortable. Walking into a church I’d never been to in Milwaukee and getting involved, talking to people I didn’t know – that was uncomfortable. Getting sick when I was in college forcing me to be less independent and admit weakness was extremely uncomfortable. Moving back to a “small town” coming to Appleton from the city of Milwaukee I loved so much was uncomfortable.

My list of “uncomfortables” could go on and on. Yet in hindsight I see God’s hand in every single one of them and rejoice that he is so much wiser than I am and in control of my life. Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable for God. He always has a plan.

How have you seen God work through the uncomfortable situations in your life? What has he taught you through those times?