When Dreams Die

I’m at the Echo Conference this week and loving being surrounded by other creatives who have a heart for echoing the Gospel through media and technology. So cool. Tonight Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, spoke. Words cannot fully express everything he said and how much it hit me (literally like getting punched in the gut over and over) but it was phenomenal. One of those talks you hear and think to yourself: I need to replay that about once every other week when I’m starting to veer off track.

He talked a lot about dreams and callings and what happens when our dreams come true and when they fail. What stuck with me the most was this:

“When God gives you a dream, and then he shows up in it and it comes to life, and the suddenly it dies, maybe God wants to know what’s more important – him or the dream.” Wow! I definitely need to hear that, but I don’t want to I’ll tell you that. See the problem comes in that we begin to latch our personal and very specific outcomes onto the dreams and callings God has placed in our hearts. When we do that, it doesn’t take long for him to get pushed out of the way and our dream becomes our idol.

So next time you feel like your dream is dying, take a good long hard look and consider if God may be behind it teaching you a lesson, pruning you, and drawing you back to him.

What dreams do you have? What dreams have you had that have died? Looking back can you see God’s hand in it all?

With courage, Katie

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