You’re Such a Tool

“You’re such a tool.”

Has anyone ever said that to you before? Most of the time that phrase carries a very negative connotation. But, I’d like to suggest a different understanding.

I am a tool.

I am a tool of God. I don’t stop and thank Him enough for his grace. The grace that he chooses to use me as a tool for his kingdom.

I heard Ski say recently: “You don’t look at a house recently built and say, ‘Wow! That hammer, those saws, they really did a great job.’ No, you look at the people who put the power behind those tools and say ‘Wow! Those builders did a great job! The same is true of you and I. We’re just tools. God does the work.’”

So true. Seems so simple. Yet, we forget that all too often. None of us deserve to be tools for God, but I feel blessed that I am.

What about you? Are you a tool? How is God using your for His kingdom?

With courage, Katie

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