Tweets of the Week

It’s that time again – Tweets of the week. I had to go with six this week because there was just SO much to share.

@pwilson RT @MichaelHyatt: “If you are still here, then you have not completed your life’s purpose.” The Noticer by @AndyAndrews  {Get busy and let God use you to change the world!}

@andrew_statezny playing Yahtzee with my parents, E and @amystats over Skype video call {Wow. That’s just crazy to me. Technology can bring families together even over distances to do everything from engaging in conversation to playing Yahtzee. Just so cool!}

@loswhit When yr kids look back when facing the choice 2 chase their dream or live in normalcy, wht will yr actions have taught them? {I don’t have kids yet, but wow, this makes me think. What kind of example am I setting for others? What kind of example are you setting for others?}

@T_NutzIf you are going to doubt something in your life doubt your limitations!!! {I need to work on this one.}

@tonymorganlive” If you don’t love people, you can’t fake it.” -chris hodges {So true. Trust me, I’ve tried. You can respect everyone out of Christian love, but you’re not going to love everybody. Be real in who you are. Don’t be fake.}

@Astro_Mike From orbit: We see 16 sunrises and sunsets in 24 hrs, each one spectacular as the sun lights up the atmosphere in a spectrum of colors. {Just amazing that he is twittering from space. Again, what technology can do. I can only imagine the natural beauty up there.}

That Person

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before: “Man is not an island.”

Well, let me tell you, I’ve tried, for much of my life, to prove that wrong. I am by nature an introvert. Most of the time I am much happier being by myself. While I enjoy people around people at times it takes a lot of energy out of me and after a few hours I’m usually exhausted. I love extroverts, I admire their ability to interact with people all of the time and not get tired, but that’s just not me.

Despite my best attempts though, I have been unsuccessful. In fact, as I’ve gotten older especially over the last 3 years or so, I realize more and more just how connected to other people I am and how much we all need each other. Others help us see and understand things about ourselves we can’t see for ourselves. They hold us accountable. They remind us who we are, what we believe, and what we’re all about. They bring us back down to earth when we’re flying too high and they help us up when we’re in the valleys.

At different seasons in my life I’ve had different people who, when I’m with them, make everything seem right with the world. I pray you can say the same. If not, even if you’re an introvert, I encourage you to find that person or even those people. That person who reminds you who you are and what you’re about. Who knows just the right thing to say, just the right thing to do, and helps life make sense when it gets cloudy.

We all need those people. Yes, I can admit that even I am not an island.


I’ve had the opportunity to spend a large part of this past week in and around the Seattle area of Washington state. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand how pitifully words and even photographs convey the natural beauty of the area. If you haven’t been there, I encourage you to put a visit on your “bucket list.”

I have been to Seattle a couple of times before and have never been disappointed. But, the weather this time was absolutely gorgeous. As I marveled at the mountains surrounding me on all sides as I drove on the freeway through downtown Seattle I had two thoughts. 1: I wondered if people who live there appreciate the beauty. 2: I marveled at what an amazing God and creator we have. So often we rush through life, checking off our to do lists, and doing what we do. But, every once in a while we get a chance to just sit and admire his beauty. I did that yesterday for several hours. Just sat at the beach watching the water, listening to the waves, feeling the cool breeze from the water balancing the warm sunshine, and admiring the mountains in the distance. I was thankful that my God created me with the ability to just sit and enjoy such natural beauty. That he uses such experiences to rejuvinate me and make everything seem right with the world. And I can tell you that my personal relationship with my Savior is much stronger after that rejuvination and sense of renewal.

What do you enjoy? What rejuvinates you? Take some time in the next few days to marvel at what an amazing God we have and be rejuvinated by his power and love.

From the Lips of Children

A Sunday school teacher asked her children as they were on the way to church service, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?” One bright little girl replied, “Because people are sleeping.” -Unknown

I pray this isn’t your church. If it is how are you going to fix it? God’s Word is powerful but it doesn’t no good if people don’t hear it because they’re sleeping or they’ve tuned out.

Tweets of the Week

It’s Tuesday and time again for Tweets of the Week.

@AnnCurry: “In life, be of service to others. Then you”ll know it mattered you were here.” -my dad Bob {Reminds me of a favorite quote: What are we here for if not to make life less difficult for others?}

@quotesnack: RT @quotegarden “Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.” ~Robert Fulghum {You are a role model whether you choose to be or not. The choice to be a positive or negative one, however, is yours.}

@mediapeople: RT @NACDB RT@bsalley: When the product is right, you don’t have to be a great marketer.- Lee Iacocca {Getting the product right is the hard part. If it’s right, people will share it and do your marketing for you.}

@loswhit: Jesus opted 4 relationship over respect when He choose us. He chose not 2 get what he deserved so He could be w/us. – @andystanley {Wow! If I am going to model Christ’s love in my life, I need to work on this!}

@ScottWilliams: Leaders make leaders, that make leaders…! Are you making a bologna sandwich, making people do a job or Making Leaders? {GREAT question!}

Have you found any wisdom on twitter? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it with us here.

Tweets of the Week

It’s that time again, though a day late. The goal is to get this out on Mondays, but life happens. I’m learning a ton and being challenged a ton at the Drive Conference in Atlanta this week. More on that later. For now, here are my top five tweets of the week. I added a few thoughts of my own this week, check out the { }

@holycowcreative: Pride is a dangerous thing. Not showing how proud you are of your people…just as dangerous. {People need to feel appreciated!}

@kevinjbradford: RT @waynemansfield: You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you. -Walt Disney {Just so true!}

@Tomplay: There will come that forever day when those that pushed you away from sharing Jesus, will wish you hadn’t walked away so easily. {It’s the easy thing to do most of the time, but stick with it. Pray that God gives you the perseverance not to give up on people}

@RevRunWisdom: To avoid criticsm.. Do nuthin.. say nuthin… BE nuthin {Again, just so true. In the end the only approval that matters is God’s}

@DMosley: Here’s a #quote for this morning: “Bloom where you’re planted.” What does this mean to you? {Never underestimate just being in a place. God puts you where he needs you at different seasons in your life. Do what you can where you are and use the gifts he has given you.}

And this one, just because it made me laugh:

@kemmeyer: Always amused when working with churches. The “lady that cuts checks” is not going to be in for a month. Is she an astronaut? (via @GodsMac)